Sound Healing

I have always loved sound, music, and singing. I was introduced to chakra toning and overtone singing in 2004 by a roommate of mine. I started chakra toning every evening for about a year. This greatly increased my intuitive abilities and strengthened my connection with my guides. One evening, after having experienced the magic of giant crystal bowls and bemoaning their price and the fact that they are difficult to move, I heard my guides suggest I should look for tuning forks made for the human body. I have been adding this modality ever since.

Sessions vary and can go from a simple 15-minute “body tuner” to a longer session using the whole scale and include toning and chanting right into your chakras; a bit like a human didgeridoo session! I can also teach chakra toning.

Sliding scale $40 to $90 depending on length and nature of session.