I became an official Usui Reiki teacher in 2000 when I travelled to Australia and met a Reiki master who recognized my ability with it. It turns out I had developed my inborn talent for this type of energy work my whole life without knowing it. I do think all humans can develop this ability as I believe it to be our birthright. Because I was attuned to master instantly, I spent two years studying this modality and working with people of various degrees before attuning people myself. In 2011, I was attuned to Unitary Reiki when I lived in France and traded attunements with a master I met there. Over the course of my work, I realized that my shamanic training works seamlessly with this modality as I often receive information in the form of images or intuitions during my sessions.

Reiki helps release tensions, and brings about a peaceful loving healing energy that can be applied physically, emotionally, and psychologically. The added information that channels through often sheds light on inner issues and can lead to advice or creative ideas to help anchor the healing work. Sound healing with tuning forks or toning can also be used with this modality.

Sliding scale of $60 to $80 (a session usually lasts 1 to 2 hours)