Intuitive Readings

I facilitate a dialog between you and your Higher Self to help you make the most enlightened and informed choice in any major life decision or to shed much-needed light into present circumstances. I like to say that my readings are not meant to predict the future but to predict the present! It might sound silly but we sometimes need to let our Higher Self channel through to help us see where we’re at which step to take next. The Tarot is an amazing tool for this as it helps focus information into a language of symbols going back thousands of years.

Over the years of doing readings, I came to realize that I would often channel information as a flow of words that would just run through me like a river. I often would end these instances with an “end of transmission” to indicate something beyond me had just spoken. Over time, I understood that I have a group of guides who like to communicate through me, and even though they do at times do so with no prompting, it most often occurs while I am reading cards or an astrology chart. I think it ís mainly because it puts me in the right frequency to tune in to their voices. I use the Rider-Waite deck and offer three different types of readings:

The 3-card spread – this spread can lend itself to many uses such as past-present-future, current situation-obstacle-recommended action, situation-action-outcome, etc. (3 cards – $25 to $35),

The Flying Bird (7 cards – $50 to $65), and the most used spread,

The Celtic Cross – the most common Tarot spread around, it covers many aspects such as the heart of the matter/primary factor, the opposing factor/reinforcing factor, outside environment/surrounding factor, guidance/hopes and fears, and of course, the outcome! (10 cards – $80 to $100)