What I like to call our User’s Manual! My approach to astrology is psychological and not predictive. I study the unique synergy of your birth-chart to identify the various, and sometimes seemingly conflicting, elements of your astrological theme to explore your unique map to your inner landscape! Focus is set on integration and acceptance of the various components that make up your personality with suggestions on how to best express the totality of your being.

Personal Chart: On top of what is described above, I take a look at how the sky of today is interacting with your birth-chart. Upcoming issues and topics are examined with a “what is the Universe trying to do for you?” attitude.

Couple Chart: On top of taking a quick look at each Personal Chart, I study both the synastry and the composite charts to help you better understand yourself in the relationship, your partner, and the dynamics of your relationship.

I require the date, time, and place of birth of each person for accurate readings. I use the Placidus house system and include the asteroids, the lunar nodes and Chiron in all my readings.

Sliding scale of $75 to $100 for individual charts and $95 to $125 for couple charts (readings usually last 1.5 to 2 hours)