Applied Meditation

When I was in my mid-20s, I met Joan O’Brien at Joe’s Café in Vancouver. She was sitting with a friend of mine and they were discussing an article Joan was about to publish in an anthology of feminist therapists. I started to read the article she had typed on plain paper and realized I was reading what I had unknowingly been looking for. I soon started to work with her and quicky realized I had been right! Of all the modalities I have worked with in my search for healing, this one has proven to be the most potent in depth and scope. It not only allowed me to address new layers of my childhood abuse, it also made me discover my inner world in a more conscious way.

We ended up working together for two years – the last six months of which were spent training me in the modality beyond my own experience with the work. The process is simple. We start by identifying “the window” through which to enter the session – what issue or memory to explore next – and I guide you into a deep meditative state for an excursion into your body and your inner world. I record the session so you get to revisit the session as often as desired. Focus is set on grounding, release, balance and integration with a view towards envisioning and manifesting.

Sliding scale of $75 to $125 (sessions usually last 1.5 to 2 hours)