Applied Meditation

This modality is based on Margo Adair’s technique, with whom I had the opportunity to connect before she passed. When I was 26, I followed this modality for two life-changing years as I addressed issues from my childhood, after which, the woman who worked with me trained me so I could share this potent work with others. I later realized that the same technique can be used for past-life explorations – it is just a matter of exploring another part of our inner landscape. Once we have identified what I call “the window” through which to enter the session, I gently guide you into a deep meditative state for an excursion into your inner world. I make notes or record the session as desired. Focus is set on safety, release, balance, healing, and integration. 

Sliding scale of $75 to $100 (sessions usually last 1.5 to 2 hours)