the only way forward is

paloma vita

multi-modal practitioner

applied meditation - astrology - herbal medicine - intuitive readings - reiki - sound healing

about me

Born in France and now living in Canada, I come from an eclectic family with an interesting mix of Jewish Italian, Corsican, Egyptian, and Roma descent.


Applied meditation

This modality is based on Margo Adair’s technique, with whom I had the opportunity to connect before she passed.

Intuitive Readings

I facilitate a dialog between you and your Higher Self to help you make the most enlightened and informed choice in any major life decision.


What I like to call our User’s Manual! My approach to astrology is psychological and not predictive.


I became an official Usui Reiki teacher in 2000 when I travelled to Australia and met a Reiki master who recognized my ability with it.

Herbal Medicine

I was officially introduced to medicinal herbs by my midwives when I was 19 and I never looked back!

Sound healing

I have always loved sound, music, and singing. I was introduced to chakra toning and overtone singing in 2004